At J&J we know that our truck mount cleaning equipment department plays a big part in making your company a success! We also know that with are strong engines and truck mounts, you can help save your customers a lot of money on their electric and water bill by using our hi-tech systems. With years of experience, our staff knows what works, and who it works for. They’ve learned this over the years by sitting down and talking one-on-one with cleaning and restoration professionals who come knocking on our door looking for answers. The professionals we’ve helped leave with a lot of great, in-depth information to think about and typically exactly what they are looking for!

After J&J’s Truck Mount Equipment Department has a good understanding about what you need and expect from your truck mount, we will suggest the best options for your Team based on your needs. We’ll talk to you about the advantages of all the different carpet cleaning systems you have to choose from. This gives you a more defined vision of what you will need, and make an informed decision on the best Truck Mount based on your needs! We also do the repairs of the engines of the truck mounts, oil changes, and general tune-ups to make sure they are operating at full capacity. Our truck-mount manufacturers are currently making environmental improvements such as LPG conversions or changes to make the machines use less petrol and diesel which is making them a lot more environmentally friendly! Call J&J today to get a quote and talk with one of our truck-mount specialists!

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